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We are Launching Feisty Spices November 2019

“I believe food should tell a story and have its own distinct flavor. When I’m cooking, each item has its own identity and brings a different flavor experience that contributes to the overall completion of whatever dish I’m preparing.”

– Chef Andremica Braggs

We know that hiring a caterer or a private chef to prepare food on a regular basis can be very pricey. Which leaves you with the option of cooking for yourself. However, that can sometimes be tricky, because often times not enough seasoning is used or too much. On top of that, the seasoning blends that are available in stores are either high in sodium or loaded with additives and other no-food chemicals. Let’s not even talk about the generic flavor creations that all seem to taste the same these days.

That’s why Feisty Spices Organic Spice Co. was created. We’re a small batch spice company with unique flavor blends. Almost every spice contains a fruit and vegetable, plus none of our spices contain salt – except for our Infused Salt Blends. That’s right, salt free and full of flavor!

We are Launching Feisty Spices November 2019.