Private Chef Services

Our intimate dining services are specifically why One Feisty Chef, LLC was created. It allows our clients to experience our amazing menu items without the cost or hassle of a large catering event.

Our Team of chefs enjoys a great house call. It’s how we get to know our clients on a more personal level.

Private Chef + Dinner Party:

  • Intimate Dinner for 2

3 Course Meal- $75/hour
4 Course Meal- $80/hour
5 Course Meal- $85/hour

  • Family Dinners (3-5 guests) : Starts at $85/hour, based on course menu.
  • Social Gathering(4-10 guests) : Starts at $95/hour, course menu/services are based on event type.
  • Holiday Feasts(6-15 guests) : Starts at $100/hour, based on menu, event, and services.

Personal Chef + In-home/travel:

  • Weekly : Starts at $125/daily
  • BiWeekly : Starts at $130/daily
  • Daily : Starts at $250

*please inquire about travel service costs

*Personal Chef pricing listed above only covers the service rates, costs of food and traveling expenses are added to the final invoice. All receipts are attached to the invoice.


What’s New!

The One Feisty Dinner Party is an exclusive pop-up dinner experience that helps to raise money and awareness for the Feeding America  and No Kid Hungry Organization. The FCE Dinner Series allows guests to enjoy an amazing 5-course meal with nothing but fresh, farm-to-table food items from local Houston markets.

Chef Andre is very passionate about feeding the community, seeing people struggle from hunger has never been bearable for our beloved Executive Chef. So now we are helping her fight back to make a difference. By attending The FCE Dinner Series you are helping to raise money and feed the people of Houston — 5% of profit will go to Houston Food Bank — 5% will go to No Kid Hungry Organization.

We are changing the face of feeding the hungry!

Now you can give and make a difference just by enjoying a simple night out by eating dinner prepared exclusively by Chef Andre, the founder of One Feisty Chef, LLC and the Feisty To Feed Organization.

The FCE Dinner Series will take place monthly at different locations all over Houston. RESERVATION ONLY!