Plated Dining vs. Buffet Dining

COVID 19 UPDATE: Due to the safety and wellbeing of our staff and clients being our top priority, we will no longer be offering buffet service effective immediately. To prevent the spread of Covid 19 we are taking all precautions to reduce the person/food contact as much as possible. Please email for more information on our new dining services.

One of the most FAQ's is, what is the difference between plated and buffet?


FAQs About Buffet Dining Service

Is it all you can eat? No, our buffet service is NOT all you can eat. When we are given a specific guest count we price out the menu for that number of guests with the  inclusion of an additional 5-10 guests for overflow attendance. 

Do guests just help themselves? No, we do not permit guests to help themselves to food on the buffet. It's our way of controlling food portions and preventing cross contamination just in case there are guests with food allergies or immunodeficiencies. 

How many plates can 1 person get? One plate per person

Do you provide the plates and utensils? Yes, we provide elegant disposable plates and utensils unless specified otherwise. 


FAQs About Plated Dining Service

Do you provide real plates and utensils? Yes, we provide a rental list of china plates in different sizes and color as well as glassware, utensils, etc.

Is there a limit to the number courses that can be plated? No, there is no limit. We can plate from 1 course to 10 courses.

Can I have buffet and plated service for my event? Yes, we have done plenty of events with this combination. 

  • You can have the appetizers self serve, while the entrees and dessert are plated.
  • Appetizers/Salad plated, entrees buffet style (if you have more than one option to choose from) and plated dessert. 

Do you plate from the buffet? No, we set up a prep area in a kitchen or designated area that allows enough space for us to plate each course out of the sight of guests. While our service staff brings each plate directly to guests tables.