Hi there! You actually made it to the One Feisty Chef site!

If you don’t know, I am Andre! The girl behind the @OneFeistyChef persona, and chef that specializes in all things AH-MAY-ZING. I am the owner of One Feisty Chef, LLC and Founder of the Feisty to Feed organization – a Houston based (but always willing to travel) nutritional and food awareness program that raises money, teaches health awareness, and provides meals for low-income communities and local food banks.

I’m all about inviting all of you into the FEISTY KITCHEN; for a look into the food, fun, and unexpected events of a young, and feisty southern belle.

Every creation on the blog is inspired by either my favorite color, or something that was about to expire in the fridge. Either way; its all INSPIRING.

I love to cook anything from healthy meals to my grandmothers BUTT-ery pound cakes, all the way to the tastiest little cups of tea, you’ll ever drink. Did I mention Tea + Chocolate are like my kryptonite? I didn’t!! OH-EM-GEE!! Tea and Chocolate are like soooo my kryptonite.

The One Feisty Chef Food Site is about introducing everything I LOVE to all of you.

So I’ve decided to share my life, my work, crazy cooking techniques, and other silly kitchen shenanigans with all of you!

Let’s Get Feisty!!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, this is Tomeca… Mrs. Delores O’Neal niece (your next door neighbor when you were young)…
    I want to talk to you about doing a dinner party for me.


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