If you don’t know, I am Andre! The girl behind the @OneFeistyChef persona, and chef that specializes in all things AH-MAY-ZING. I am the owner of One Feisty Chef, LLC Catering & Private Chef Services and Creator of The F Bomb, an online food and fashion blog.

Welcome to the Feisty blog! A look into the food, fashion, fun, and unexpected events of a feisty and care-free chef, event planner, wife, mom, sister, daughter, etc etc etc… blah blah blah.

Every creation on the blog is inspired by either my favorite color, or something that was about to expire in the fridge. Either way; it’s all INSPIRING.

I love to cook anything from healthy meals to my grandmothers BUTT-ery pound cakes, all the way to creating mind-blowing event displays.

This blog is about introducing everything I LOVE to all of you.

So I’ve decided to share my life, my work, crazy cooking techniques, and other silly kitchen and event planning shenanigans with all of you!

Dropping F Bombs Daily!