Date Ideas: Taco Crawl

In the middle of busy work schedules, taking care of the house, and making sure our son is focused and flourishing in school and in our home. The lines get blurred when it comes to differentiating quality time between Bear and I. Actually planning a date versus just sitting at home watching TV, gets trumped on when you are immensely tired.

Bear works full-time, so he’s only off on Thursdays and Sundays – I try my best to mirror my off days with his to spend more time together. However, it gets hard to preserve those days if things around the house have to be done, or if one of us has a work emergency. Nonetheless, its important for us to make that time for each other. Even if it means meeting up at Great American Cookie Co. after work and just sitting in the car together – while we talk, laugh, and binge eat cookies before we go home. Corny right? lol

I knooowww – but this past Sunday we decided to do something a little different. Bear loves tacos, and I’m not opposed to them either, especially breakfast tacos. With that, why not go a hunt for best tacos as a date? Seemed pretty legit to me. Something we’d both enjoy, wouldn’t spend a lot of money, and didn’t have to dress up for either. Its a win, win, win.

Here’s our “Taco Crawl” Line-up:

We started at 10am and concluded our Taco Crawl date around 1pm. We were stuffed. I specifically wore a wrap dress and sneakers so I could be comfortable and loosen up my wrap dress in between tacos. lol We walked and talked before heading to our next destination as well, just to help work some of the tacos down before refilling our tummies. It was so fun y’all, I definitely recommend that you try it out. We’ll be doing it again for sure.

  • Villa Arcos: 3009 Navigation Blvd. Houston TX, 77003
  • Chilosos Taco House: 701 E 20th St. Houston, TX 77008
  • Uno P’nches Tacos: 1402 Northwood St. Houston, TX 77009
  • Tacos Tierra Caliente: 2003 W. Alabama St. Houston, TX 77098
  • El Taconazo: 4003 Fulton St. Houston, TX 77009

I have nothing bad to say about any of the places we went to, every place was surprisingly good. But our top rated taco spot was Unos P’nches Tacos hands down. Everything was filled with flavor and oozed authenticity. They have breakfast tacos, bomb street tacos, fresh made juices and horchata, and much much more. We wanted to try everything on their menu.

Cost of Date:

If you count gas from place to place I would say it was about $5-10 bucks in gas each place was between 10-15 mins of each other.

I had 5 tacos, Bear had 3 tacos, nachos, and menudo plus fresh squeezed orange juice, Mexican cokes, and fresh jicama cucumber juice (that was soooo good by the way) Totaling about $30 buck for all the food we ate.

So we legit spent $40 bucks total and that was breakfast and lunch. Can’t really beat that.

To my hardworking couples that may be a little tight on cash for a date or just looking for something fun and different to do – GO ON A TACO CRAWL!! Plus, the good thing is, if you have kids and want just some time for the both of you, go while the kiddos are in school because these taco places are open Monday – Saturday and as early as 7am.

Happy Taco Crawling!


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