DIY Birthday Party: Aquaman

On August 23rd, 2010 our son was born. This kid has been the highlight of my life. Strong, confident, and smart, he’s sure of what he wants and who he is. His witty banter and charming personality, pretty much gets him whatever he wants.

Due to his effortless charm and ability to talk his way out (and in) to anything. When it came time for birthday plans, he requested an Aquaman Pool Party. He knew the “YES” was inevitable… 1.) Because the Braggs’ house is a superhero house, hands down! 2.) A pool party means in-home party planning, no rental fees for a venue or overpriced party place. So “YES” little boy, you can have your party.

I haven’t thrown the kid a party like this since his 1st birthday. The difference is I have about a month to put together the kids 1st birthday, this time around I only had about 1 week. Between working events and trying to find Aquaman [movie] party decor – time was getting pretty slim.

I never realized there wasn’t party decor for the Aquaman movie – only the cartoon. Though I am all for bringing the nostalgia of the superheroes, I’ve once known in my adolescence. My Generation Z child, has no idea who the animated Aqua-man is. He is acquainted with Jason Momoa as Aquaman, not 1960’s Marvin Miller voice over Aquaman.

Due to the limited movie party supplies, I was left to make this a full-on DIY party. Let’s set the record straight, I’m all for a good DIY – however I knew I didn’t have the time to pull this off without it looking cheap. Nonetheless, we did. I say we because two of my closest friends helped me with all the decorations. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to get the decorations done without them.

DIY Aquaman Party

FirstEstablish a color scheme: Green and Gold or Underwater Blue. I decided to go with Underwater Blue because it matched the movie poster and gold accents.

SecondSet the scene: It’s not an Aquaman party without Aquaman images.

ThirdProps: I love props! I love to add props to my catering display when working with clients. They really bring the theme to life.

DIY Cardboard Coral – made from Amazon boxes, Great Stuff Spray Foam, pool noodles, spray paint

FourthPersonal touches: It’s all about the birthday kid, so personalize the party to give them some shine.

FifthThe basics: Plates, utensils, napkins, cups, etc. Believe it or not, the little things make a big difference, so be sure to stick to the theme/color scheme.

Vendor/Store Shopping Lists

Balloons, air pump, adhesive, and garland all from Amazon

Customized Treats/Goodies

Designed the labels and ordered them online. Them removed the original bottle labels, and replaced them with the custom ones.
Printed these Aquaman images from home and glued them to gift bags

Gift bags were stuffed with the following:

Food + Dessert Table

Happy Party Planning!



  1. Chimere

    It came together very beautifully. Those slider stands are my favorite. I need to host an event with those, but I am hoping I don’t have to throw a birthday party anytime soon.

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