Mompreneur – Not So Perfect Routine

Its back to school time! You know what that means… early mornings and late nights. To the hard working mommas (and poppas), who are either entrepreneurs or nine-to-fivers, as school starts we have to get back in the habit of waking up early enough to get ourselves together before tackling the kiddos new morning routine.

Getting my kid up in the morning is always a hassle. I don’t know who said kids get used to waking up when you put them on a schedule, but that person lied. Just flat out LIED! Aside from struggling to get myself up sometimes, I have to deal with a child who is NOT a morning person – whatsoever.

Last year, we experienced some pretty grueling mornings. Here’s a snapshot into my days with the kid …


Every morning was a struggle. If it wasn’t the kid fighting to getting up in the morning, it was one of us. Hitting snooze, sleeping through alarms, etc. The kid was either late for school, or barely making it. We definitely had a struggle year, last year. I was exhausted every morning from working late nights. Bear and I would literally nudge one another to get the kid ready for school, as if it were our way of saying “you’re it” without uttering a word. No lie, Bear probably got up way more than I did to get our son ready; I have no shame about it.

I’m opting for a more productive morning routine, with better planning and preparation this time around. We’re off to a good start, due to the new routine I’ve put in place. Hopefully, it sets us up to succeed, but I won’t be hard on myself if I don’t get our new routine perfected.

Disclaimer: My son is in fourth grade now – FOURTH GRADE!! With that being said, I still haven’t gotten this school routine down yet. Therefore, don’t feel discouraged or beat yourself up just because you feel as if you don’t have it all together. None of us do! We don’t have it all together.

If you live for having it all together, what you do have figured out – will never be enough

I already know for a fact we won’t follow this routine 100%. This is merely snapshot idea of how I’d like the days to go.

Don’t get caught up in having the perfect routine. Just be thankful for the things you get done in the moment, then try again tomorrow. You’ll burn yourself out trying to have this “perfect routine.” We tend to forget about ourselves when we are too task-driven.

Stay positive and remember its about whats best for your kid and YOU, not the standards that are placed on you. Happy Back To School!


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    1. Aww congrats to the big girl! So exciting.

      I wish I could say it gets easier. 😂 My only advice get plenty of rest and stay positive lol

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