Feisty Foodie – Good Dog Houston

When I first heard of Good Dog I was like “oh great another hotdog shack” … with a sheer lack of enthusiasm.

However, after I read an article stating that all of Good Dogs hotdogs are scratch-made in Texas and 100% beef – I became intrigued.

I became even more interested when I found out all of the buns were locally baked artisanal breads. And…..

All of their condiments are housemade. Yes, all of the condiments – ketchup, mayo, mustard, etc. MIND BLOWN.

I decided to give them a try..

Walking in.. it was exactly what I expected – a hip, chic shack with just enough dining space for about 20-30 people. Perfection.

Toorder you walk up to the counter place your order then go grab a seat.. you can sit at the bar or take your pick of indoor or outdoor dining. Be mindful that if you pick outside seating you may be in the company of a few cute furbabies. This is a dog friendly establishment. Which doesn’t bother me, but I know some of you are finicky like that.

But these hotdogs though…


These hotdogs will change your life!

I ate the Curryous Dog, Picnic Dog, and the Sloppy Slaw Frank. Oh..Mmm…Goodness

Curryous Dog

Full of flavor, vibrant in color, and by far my favorite. The balance of the tangy curry onion relish, cilantro chutney, and crispy sweet potato strips.. mmm it was so good. Literally a party in my mouth.

Picnic Dog

My #2 pick! You can’t go wrong with chili on a hotdog – and you’re definitely winning when the chili is made from beef and chorizo. Yum. Then it’s topped with red skin potato salad … my mouth is watering just thinking about it now.

Sloppy Slaw Frank

If you’re a slaw dog person, then this is for you. It’s packed with apple slaw and melted swiss – this one was my least favorite. The pairing was great, however the flavor was more milder compared to the other two. I️ probably should have eaten this one first. *shrugs* For a lighter hotdog day(whatever that is) I’d definitely get this hotdog with a blonde ale.

Overall, this is definitely a great hang out spot with awesome food and all around good vibes.

Stay Feisty!


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