D.I.Y. Floral Table Runner


I’ve become super obsessed with florals and the color pink some weird reason. I’ve always hated pink and the only flowers that I would look at were lilies. Now all of sudden I’m piecing together head-to-toe pink outfits and keeping fresh flowers in my bedroom. And noooww… I’m making floral table runners for every occasion. LoI well not every occasion just my birthday brunch and a private dinner that I catered this past weekend for a client. I was never a flower person, but now if I could have a floor to ceiling flower wall and wouldn’t even complain. (This is actually something that I’m contemplating for the future..lol)


Back to my new found girlie obsessions… some of the women in my family say its a sign that my next baby will be a girl..

hmmm…I have been contemplating a girl… girl “boy” names, room ideas, clothing, etc..

who knows?! *shrugs*

In other news, I going to share with you how I made these extremely gorgeous table runners. These table runners are actually pretty easy to make, however they are pretty time consuming. I suggest binge watching they latest Netflix series and sipping a refreshing bottle of wine while you craft your little life away.

D.I.Y. Floral Table Runner

What You Will Need:

  1. Glue Gun + Glue Sticks, plenty
  2. Wire Cutters and/or Scissors
  3. Greenery Filler Stems
  4. Variety of Flowers (different sizes, colors, etc)
  5. Table Runner Base (i.e. fabric table runner, burlap, etc)


First cut all of the flowers and greenery fillers off of the stems, (save the leaves too) after that heat your glue gun.

Next, measure how long you want your table runner base to be. This will help you make sure that your table runner is long enough before you start glueing your flowers down.

Now that you’ve measured out your runner, start to glue down the the leaves onto the runner. be sure to cover the entire perimeter of the runner you can also glue some sticking up down the center to make it look fuller.

Here’s the fun part – before you glue down the flowers, place them down the center of the runner to be sure you place all of the flowers in the desired locations of the runner. Once the runner looks they way you’ve envisioned it – or at least how you want it to look – you can start to glue them down.

To finish off your table runner, randomly fill in different areas with the leaves from the flower stems (I hope you saved them like I said) this will make the runner fuller and add different variations of greenery to the overall look.

*Tip – if you are using burlap as you base, be aware that the glue will seep through to whatever surface you are crafting on. So be sure to lift your runner every once and while to make sure you don’t glue it to the service. *

Happy Crafting!

Stay Feisty!


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