Citrus Crusted Chicken Quarters

There’s an abundance of lemons in the backyard right now.  I can easily say I planted the tree, watered the tree, pruned the tree, etc… so it only makes sense for the tree to bear fruit because of what I did… right? I planted it, so that means it should grow when I expect it to. The trees’ timing was not my own. The only thing I could do was prepare for its growth, and wait patiently for it to bear fruit.


How many of you actually sit back and prepare for all the things that you’re waiting for? Are you patient? In everything? It’s easy to say that you’re patient with the things you feel may be in your control – but are you patient with God?

I planted a lemon tree with the hopes of it producing fruit within the next year or so, however that was my timing, not natures timing. There are all types of “grow fruit quick” schemes, however I didn’t want to jeopardize the natural state of the tree. It took about two years before I saw fruit coming in.


When you take on an assignment, but don’t possess the “resources” to do it complete it expeditiously – what do you do? Do you wait on God’s timing or do you try to take matters into your own hands? [v.9-12]


If you do wait on God, what are you doing while you wait? Are you preparing for the next step? Or are you focusing on something else – that you shouldn’t be – until God just drops His plans in your lap?

When God reveals a part of His plan to us, we are to be obedient to what He has shared and remain patient for the next step. [v.8] Had I tried to rush the growing process of my lemon tree, I would have been at risk of damaging it, and possible ruining any chances of it being able to bear fruit at all. Thats not a chance I was willing to take! Don’t try to take matters into your own hands to rush the process. Believe it or not – trying to take control of Gods plan is a sin, and can cause you to lose His favor. [v.12-13] 

Instead, be patient! (like me with this lemon tree..) Gods’ delays are always for a reason, usually its a way for Him to test our obedience and our patience towards His will. When God reveals something to you, follow His plan – no matter how long it takes. You’re on His time – NOT YOURS!


I know… I know…

You feel as if everyone around you is moving forward..

You feel as if everyone around you has an amazing job..

You feel as if everyone around you is getting married..

You feel as if everyone around you has a growing ministry..

You feel as if everyone around you has trees that are producing an abundance of fruit..

…this isn’t about everyone around you – IT’S ABOUT GOD WORKING IN YOU.

God doesn’t bless us with things, just because everyone else around us has it already. God sets us apart – individually – for a reason. He has a plan for each and everyone one of us.

You can talk to everyone around you and I guarantee their stories behind their blessings all have a different beginning, a different test, a different impact. STOP TRYING TO LIVE EVERYONE ELSE’S STORY BASED ON THE ENDING. Start from the beginning of your own story and follow chapters God has already laid out in front you.

As long as you follow each step accordingly, with a heart full of patience and obedience. Your tree (life) will begin to bear an abundance of beautiful fruit (blessings). You just have to continue to plant, water, pluck and prune to show that you’re ready for the next step.

Stay Feisty!








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