Houston definitely isn’t Winter friendly, but we don’t really care. Just because it doesn’t feel like Winter, doesn’t mean we can’t do Winter stuff. You can buy hot chocolate all year round, so why are you only expected to drink in during the winter time, or when its cold outside. Maybe I just want something hot to drink, while I’m sweating on the porch..ever think about that?

Hot Chocolate Toppings are ENDLESS!

How crazy does that sound? Believe it or not, there are literally some people in this crazy city that think that way on a regular basis…. *raises hand guiltily*

Any who, hot or cold weather, indulging in hot chocolate puts you in a place of comfort. A place of relief and satisfaction. It’s that moment where you can just… …. ….. sigh.

Things You’ll Need:

OFC signature-hot-chocolate

Coffee Urn

Coffee Mugs/Cups

Toppings (see image below)

Toppings: chocolate chips, marshmallows, Andes mints, peppermint sticks, caramel bits,chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, whipped cream, chocolate covered pretzels, wafer cookies, biscotti, flavored coffee syrups, instant espresso

Making hot chocolate has become a weekly tradition in the house. My son loves to help make homemade hot chocolate. It all started with him pestering me EVERY day about hot chocolate. I would say “NO” like 3-4 times throughout the week until one day I finally said “YES,” and that day, typically Thursdays or Fridays, has become our hot chocolate day. Persistent little bugger. But when you really want something, you shamelessly ask for it until you get it. Right?

Coconut Amaretto Hot Chocolate


I know if I really want something, I pray about it, then pray about it, then pray about it. Then when I don’t get it, I start to doubt what it is that I really want, then I pray about it again. Then I let it go, and ask God to reveal if I’m praying for the right thing. Then I pray about it again. Then sometimes I receive it, and sometimes I don’t. Its all about timing. Conner (my son) knew that we had the supplies to make Hot Chocolate, so he asked relentlessly, until I finally said yes.

Red Wine Hot Chocolate


Sometimes we ask God for things, that we don’t even have the tools to maintain. Then when He doesn’t grant us these so called “desires” we begin to lose faith. So why would He give it to us right in that moment anyway?  We should have childlike faith.

We should pray relentlessly… shamelessly….  persistently… until God gives us an answer. It shouldn’t matter how long it takes. Just as Conner would ask over and over again, and do all the things in his power (get stickers from school, his homework, pick up after himself, etc) to get that hot chocolate; we should be the same way with God.

Oven Baked Hot Chocolate

Have that childlike faith…that pure faith.

“And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to Him must believe that God exists and that He rewards those who sincerely seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6

To be childlike is becoming a child; meek; submissive; dutiful.

You must be submissive to the will of God and dutiful to His Word. You will start to find comfort, relief and satisfaction in Gods presence. And only then, will you acquire the tools necessary to maintain the blessings of God.

Stay Feisty!




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