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Have you ever been faced with doubt? I mean doubt literally ran up in your space, like “Hey! I’m here to tell you that nobody believes in you.” Then it just feels like everywhere you turn people around you are doubting you based off of what they see and not what they know. Don’t let those liars and doubters affect what you believe in. True belief is believing in whats unseen. Believe in yourself when others don’t! Believe in Christ – and in Christ alone – when others don’t. Christ believes in you, so no one else matters.

The enemy is on full lurk mode right now, that fool will really try you if you let him. Don’t let him tell you that what you’re doing isn’t enough, and that you should quit while you’re ahead. The devil is a lie!

He must not know that you serve an awesome and almighty God, that has equipped you with the wisdom to call out a liar when you see one, and shout praises to the ONLY ONE that matters. If you don’t know who the “ONLY ONE” is, He is God himself. The creator of all things.

I know its hard right now… I know you can’t see the fruits of your labor.. I know there are people – even your family – that will try to tear you down. DON’T GIVE IN!

Stay focused on the end goal; which is to please the Master. (Matthew 25:23). Know that God is working in you… on you.. and all around you for a much greater purpose. Everything you do – including the trials and tribulations you go through – is all apart of a magnificent plan. God puts us in certain situations so that we can rely solely on Him – and then, and only then will He strengthen us, protect us, and guide us through those battles.

“Gods way is perfect. All the Lord’s promises prove true. He is a shield for all who look to him for protection.” Psalm 18:30

God is our strength when we are too weak to face the trails and tribulations of this world. God is our armor when we do face those same trials and tribulations. Don’t let anyone speak doubt into you. Stay focused on God.

Stay Feisty!





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