Chickpea Salad

The difficult part about transitioning from meat to veggies are the cravings you start to get when you realize… “OMGoodness I won’t be able to eat that anymore!!”. Like my recent craving for chicken salad lately. I do’t even care for chicken salad like that, I could really do without. But I saw it in my moms fridge, then I remembered how she used to make it. So I immediately started craving chicken salad after that.

Then I started to tell myself, you can’t have chicken salad, maybe you can just make a shrimp salad, or a crab salad..anything to avoid having tuna or salmon salad… ugh! Then I was like egg salad..maybe? Then immediately remembered that I was avoiding eggs as well…ARGH! I will never get my chicken salad fix!

LIES! It’s all a mind game! You can eat anything your little stomach craves, you just have to be more mindful of how you prepare it, and what you “repair” it with. *sneaky grin*

So here is a super yummy “repaired” chicken salad recipe, that will make you forget all about the chicken salad sandwich you thought you couldn’t have.



Stay Feisty!


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