Bisque and Biscuits

Let’s face it! I’m country as heaven. We know about biscuits and gravy, but that isn’t something I grew up eating. Although the thought of a fluffy, buttery biscuit being smothered in delectable gravy is temping. I’ve never been a big fan of white gravy, it’s just not my steez.

i.e. steez means.. like.. “thing, trademark, swag, etc”

Crawfish_gravy country gravy bisque

But BISQUE!! Bisque is all me!! Nothing like having a bowl of bisque with a slice of buttery toast to just DUNK it in. OH-EM-GEE …my  mouth is watering right now.

Now picture this… A chunky crawfish bisque…literally like gravy, smothering a biscuit…

huh.. huh..

..your mouth is starting to water isn’t it? Trust me, I understand; I’ve been there before.. (like 3 seconds ago) 

Crawfish_gravy country gravy bisque -1

Lets not even get started on the biscuits.. I fell in love with fluffy homemade buttery biscuit years ago as a child..and that love has only flourished. I just wish my pillows could be made out of biscuits..yum..

Of course, I would probably eat them..then I would have no pillows..hmm.. maybe not a good idea, but a very tempting one.

I talked about my Grandma Tat’s Buttermilk Biscuits, now I’m going to talk about my Aunt Dorothy’s Crawfish Bisque! OMG!! *eyes roll to the back of my head*

Crawfish_gravy country gravy bisque -2

This crawfish gravy does aunt Dorothy’s crawfish bisque no justice. I’m talking about the freshest bisque ever. She would boil crawfish the night before, peel them and save the heads. (Don’t freak out,..she cleans them out.) Then she stuffs them with rice. After that, my aunt Dorothy would use the stock that was made from the boiled crawfish to prepare the bisque.. it’s sooooo rich and full of flavor. She would serve the bisque with the stuffed crawfish heads…YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes its that serious!

However, I didn’t do all of that for this bisque gravy. Its still rich and flavorful, but definitely like Aunt Dorothy’s..for many reasons…

Number One… Y’all aren’t trying to do all those steps!

Number Two… If you are…you already know how to make bisque!

Number Three… Its a secret family recipe! *shrugs*

So let’s enjoy these country crawfish gravy and buttermilk biscuits!


Crawfish_gravy country gravy bisque -3

Stay Feisty!


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