EYEball Oreos

I got my eye on you! Eyeballs to be exact.



Here’s another one of the desserts from the many halloween parties that I’ve done this year so far. Don’t these just make you think of that cartoon “Aaahh!!! Real Monsters?” Specifically, Krumm the character who held his eyeballs in his hands, because they weren’t attached to his body.  I don’t know I look at these eyeballs and think of Krumm, then I just bust out laughing like a loser. LOL Talk about a walk back down memory lane. These cookies are nostalgic.


You have to make these!

What you will need:

Oreo Cookies

White Chocolate Morsels, melted

Cookie/Candy Mold (I used a silicone mold I found at Walmart)

Red Gel Icing Color

A mini Paint Brush

Gummie Eyeballs (I found them at Walmart in the halloween section)

Y’all these cookies are so eye-catching. *bada tah* NO? Well it was worth a try! LOL

Fill insert 3/4 of the way with melted white chocolate.
Place an Oreo cookie in the center of the white chocolate filled insert
Place the mold in the freezer to set the chocolate for about 1 min, then pop out the cookie.
Then fill the insert with more white chocolate and place the Oreo cookie, cookie side down, and place it back in the freezer to set for another minute.
Shave off any excess chocolate from around the cookie to make one smooth cookie.
Next, place a gummie eyeball in the center of the chocolate covered Oreo. Then, using the mini paintbrush paint the veins done the sides of the cookies with the red gel coloring.
EYE-mazing cookies!!! 

Turn up the dessert table at your next Halloween party with these freakishly yummy goodies, and watch them disappear with a blink of an eye! lol




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