Brain Cake Pops

Once again, I’m in the kitchen preparing goodies for a halloween party, that I’m NOT invited to, but it’s all good, I didn’t want to go anyway. Who wants to attend a fun costume party with Witches Brew (Lemon Apple Ginger Whiskey Sour), Fireball Chicken Skewers, and Wedge Salad Skewers, live music, prizes, and awesome people. TUH! Who would wan’t to go to that?!


When you can work it!!!! OH YEAH!

Nothing like being at an awesome party and getting paid for it. I’ve catered about five halloween parties in the past two weeks (Glory to God) and I’ve been running around like a mad woman, sleep deprived, and downright delusional of what was happening around me. But no matter what I got the job done. Now the Halloween parties are coming to an end, and I couldn’t let them come to a close without sharing some of the awesome desserts that I’ve made to go along with the buffets. Full recipes for the events coming soon! 

Let’s start with the Brain Cake Pops… ew gross!! but soooo good!

What you will need:

Silicone Brain Molds (ordered mine from here)

Chocolate or vanilla cake, crumbled & mixed with icing (as if making cake pops)

Pink Candy Melts, melted

These are so easy to make!!!

Coat each brain mold section with melted chocolate.

Make sure none of the pink from the mold  is visible.

Place the mol in the freezer for about 1 min, then fill about 3/4 of the way with cake mixture, then cover with more melted candy/chocolate.


Place in freezer and let set for about 2 mins.

Now that the cake ball are set, pull the side of the mold to help release the brain cake balls. Gently pop each cake ball out one at a time and set aside.

Serve as is, or with a strawberry sauce to make it look like blood. eek!


I really hope you enjoy these.








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