Booooo-zy Cupcakes

As you know Halloween is literally right around the corner… so here are some super easy halloween themed cupcakes to have for your halloween bash or simply just to pig out on while you binge watch scary halloween classics. Either way you’ll love them, and you won’t be up baking all night. It’s a win win situation here.


I’m always excited about Halloween, even more excited than my birthday. I guess its the whole idea of dressing up and pretty much being someone else – even if just for a night. However, it’s looking like this halloween will be more of munch-fest while I take the little one trick or treating, then later catch up on Gotham.


What you will need:

2 piping bags

1 round piping, large

1 round piping tip, small

Buttercream Icing (I used this Baileys Buttercream recipe)

Black Icing


Vanilla Cupcakes (or my Bailey’s Infused Cupcakes below)


These are soooo good you’ll probably want to keep a dozen for yourself! I know I did. LOL







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