Spicy Catfish Waffle Slider


How many times have you seen a  chicken and waffle slider?  Billions. I know.

Now how many times have you seen a catfish and waffle slider? Better yet, how many time have you seen a catfish and waffle slider by One Feisty Chef? Okay, well that was a little narcissistic, but you catch my drift… *moving along*

By now you all know, I’m a country girl and I absolutely love southern food. So it only makes sense that I would but a feisty spin on catfish and cornbread. I love having the simplest ingredients and turning them into something a little more complex. Its all about using what you already have to create something great. Which is the whole reason I started this blog…not only to talk about my personal experiences, but to show y’all how to create yummy dishes with what you already have.

Some of you may look at some my recipes like… “Who has that laying around?” But its about making the most out of the ingredients. I’m not going to lie, I wanted to just make a chicken and waffle slider and jazz it up a bit…but there are so many chicken and waffle variations all over the internet (plus I didn’t have any chicken). Whats the point on having a food blog if I’m going to just repeat what everyone else is doing?

The same thing goes for any situation… We all have our individual lanes that are paved just for us. Your lane isn’t meant for me and my lane isn’t meant for you. There may be some things that work for someone that doesn’t really work for you. That’s because it isn’t your lane.

Chicken and Buttermilk waffles is for them..

Catfish and Cornbread waffles is for me! I’m happy I had catfish instead of chicken. (it’ll help me stick to my pescatarian diet)

Are you happy with what you already have? or Are you distracted by the things you don’t posses?

I don’t know who Pops wants me to talk to right now… but all I have to say is..

“You could be on the streets!”

Burns doesn’t it!? oooh that’s hot. (like these catfish waffle sliders LOL)

Now you know how Pops feels every time you complain about what you don’t have, all while overlooking what you already posses. Instead of focusing on everyone else’s blessings, focus on the Goodness of God — You have blessings too!

I’m grateful I had catfish instead, it was the best thing I’ve eaten and truly enjoyed that I’ve made in quite some time. I could have allowed my lack of chicken… a) drive me to spend money on something that I’m not supposed to be eating anyway   b) prevent me from creating my first video for this awesome recipe

There’s always a blessing behind the blessing that you THINK you don’t have! Let that sink in.

Long story short… Don’t allow your unfulfilled desires to cause you to forget God’s gift of life, food, health, work, and friends. [Read Numbers 11:4-6]

If you don’t have the ingredients for this recipe, assess what you have and choose a recipe based on your ingredients. Apply this to everyday life.

Stay Feisty!


For a more detailed recipe to fry catfish please visit my Mandarin Buffalo Catfish Nuggets Recipe!




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