Mandarin Buffalo Catfish Nuggets


Y’all!!!! Let me tell you something.. I tried to record a video making the sauce for this recipe, right… OMG.. It.. Was… A.. Disaster! LOL My friends know I am not very tech savvy, my biggest camera accomplishment is setting the camera up on a tripod and snapping selfies… BOOM! But that’s as far as my skill goes. I’m more of a pen and paper type of person when it comes to everything else.


This video was sooo bad…my camera kept stopping, and then on the shots that I did get, the focus was out of wack. I was just completely over it. I was disappointed because I really wanted to start making cooking videos to build my audience, however it just didn’t work out that way.


Obviously, there are bigger plans that are in the foreseen future. So as of right now I have to wait for further instruction…and of course, with that comes patience. Great, more waiting…

I have all these ideas, all these things that I know I should be doing, yet I haven’t been given any instruction on how to execute them or when to start. “Hellooo… are you trying to drive me insane?” [I often ask the Lord] But everything is about timing. The Lord gives you assignments, and sometimes He gives you tests. He wants to know that He can trust you with the plans He has for you. So sometimes, you’ll get an “idea,” but then try to execute it prematurely. However, God didn’t give you that piece of information to just run with. He wanted you to accept the assignment and WAIT for further instruction.


See the Lord told me, “You’ll start recording soon.”  I’m like cool, let me record this recipe… STOP. Wrong. I took the information and ran with it, and it got me nowhere, but frustrated and annoyed. God didn’t say, “Start recording your recipes.” He said, “You’ll start recording soon.” In no shape or form does that translate to, record right now. The assignment Pops (God) gave me was clearly future tense. Meaning, you will start recording soon, so prepare yourself for that assignment and WAIT until I give you further instruction.


Wait on the Lord to tell you what to do, and when He does…. Do just that! Don’t stress about the details or try to figure out the next step. God will take care of His part as long as you take care of yours. (Genesis 7:16)


When you work hard and diligently — no matter the circumstance — it pays off. (Genesis 31:38-42) It may take some time before you reap the benefits, but know that something great is going to come from your obedience. (Genesis 29:20-28)


Don’t jump the gun like me, work when the Lord tells you to. If He hasn’t told you what exactly to do yet, then prepare for your future assignment with the little information He has given you. He wants to know that He can trust you with a bigger task by giving you smaller ones. So prepare for it.


As of right now, I’m attempting to become more camera savvy and learning my strengths and weaknesses on and off camera. Everything happens in Gods timing, which is always the perfect timing.




Stay Feisty!




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