Banh Mi Shrimp Po’ Boy w/ Sriracha Remoulade

You have got to be kidding me!? NOPE, I’m not. This is a super serious thing… a Banh Mi Shrimp Po’ Boy!!


We all know what a shrimp po’ boy is…but for those who don’t, its literally a “poor boy’s sandwich”.. at least thats how it started out. The po’ boy sandwich derives from a strike that took place back in the 1800’s. The strikers were referred to as ‘poor boys,’ pronounced “Po’ Boys.” There was a sandwich shop that would give sandwiches – made with French Bread, mayo, and spare bits of beef & gravy – to the strikers.


When the strikers entered the sandwich shop, they’d shout out “Here comes another po’ boy!” and the sandwich would be prepared for them.  Later, you would see and hear terms like, “Can a po’ boy get a sandwich?”  Thus the Po’ Boy Sandwich was born! Obviously, now the sandwich has been fancied up a bit, with fried shrimp, oysters, and catfish, and whatnot. But it will forever be the heart of New Orleans munchies!


So what happens when you put a New Orleans sammie with a Vietnamese sammie? Believe it or not, both of these sandwiches have French influence. New Orleans known for its European rule before the Louisiana Purchase, still holds many French influences to this day. Where as, in Vietnam, the Banh Mi Sandwich is a result of French colonialism, which resulted in French and Vietnamese flavors becoming infused together.


The Banh Mi typically consists of French Bread, mayo, cuts of pork, cilantro, and pickled veggies. Similarities… or NAH?

So it only makes sense for me to just go ahead merge both sandwiches together…DUH!


Y’all, this sandwich is PACKED with flavor. My mouth is drooling just thinking bout. I first came across this lovely creation when I was in ATL, at the place called Edgewood Corner Tavern. They had Banh Mi Shrimp Po’ Boy on the menu, so as you could imagine I was super excited to try it. good idea..poor delivery.

Don’t get me wrong the sandwich was good, but it wasn’t what I expected. I felt like I was only eating bread and shrimp, there were no New Orleans or Vietnamese flavors that stood out. It was mostly bread, with a some baby shrimp and a SPRINKLE of the pickled veggies. I mean….COME ON! If you’re going to call it a Po’ Boy at least pack it up right! I was very disappointed in the sandwich. However, you should definitely check it out, it has a cool vibe, and the Homemade Fry Platter is to die for!! OMG!!


But if you want a Bangin’ BanhbMi Po’ Boy… Check out the recipe below!

Sriracha Remoulade (I’ll keep this one simple for you)

*Add 1 Tbsp of chopped Capers 

*Substitute Dill for the Parsley








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