Gumbo Stuffed Chicken Breast

I was BACK in Atlanta (again) for the Pinky Promise Women’s Conference. It was something that was much needed, I’ve been stressed and just super fed up with a lot lately. I needed a break to just fellowship and praise & worship the Lord. [LADIES!: Check out the Pinky Promise Conference for next year. It’s an amazing experience]

I spent some much needed time with my girls, and gained some insight that I’ve been running from for quite some time now. I finally have come to accept my purpose and actually embrace it, so there will be lots of surprises coming soon. YAY!!! Can’t wait.

Meanwhile, I went the entire weekend without cooking, because the days were so full… which led us to eating horrible all weekend. By horrible, I mean, spending unnecessary money on foods that we eat at 10 o’clock at night and right to sleep afterwards.. SMH. On top of that, we would go the entire day without eating, so when we finally did eat, we were eating with our eyes…which is the WORST possible thing that anyone could do…

Thursday night…I ate nothing…

Friday…I ate Monkey Bread with a large Turtle Cappuccino from Caribou Coffee

Friday night….I ate Poblano Corn Soup and a Crab Quesadilla from Red Pepper Taqueria…these are the best crab quesadillas you will ever have!! OMG!

Saturday…..I went the entire day without eating up until 11PM and had a Fry Platter and Bahn Mi Shrimp Po’ Boy from Corner Tavern on Edgewood…


but I really shouldn’t have eaten that late. SMH.. I have to do better.

Sunday Morning ….I did “slightly” better…We went to church service, then went for lunch.. I ate a Marinated Mozzarella BLT with Sweet Potato Fries… I shouldn’t have eaten that either.. OH EM GEEEE…

I know better..I shouldn’t have been eating like that…then again..It was my weekend of rest..


I think I get some kind of slack..Yeah I do…

I get slack!

Now Monday rolls around.. LAZY DAY..

The conference is over and there’s nothing to do. So I’m just sitting around Jai’s apartment watching TV, then Sham says the magic words… “I’m going to the grocery store.” 

Chef Clock starts to tick! Whoop Whoop!!  or maybe I should say, TICK! TICK!

I don’t like to tell people what to get…so whatever she got from the grocery store..I was going to work with it..

However, she called me and said she was getting shrimp, chicken, and sausage…immediately the wheels in my head start turning…

…I started to just give her a little nudge in the right direction to get a few other ingredients I would need..

Creole..creole..creole.. the hardest thing to find in Atlanta believe it or not..

I’m a Louisiana girl…which means I have to have my creole and cajun food..however this whole weekend seemed as if I ate everything, but..

I had idea for simple jambalaya… then in the middle of cooking a slight gumbo craving kicked in…but since its like 90 degrees..a pot of gumbo would have been a little overbearing..

But…. I just LOOOOOVVVEEEE gumbo!!


Gumbo reincarnated…

It’s Alive! It’s Alive!

Gumbo Stuffed Chicken

Gumbo Stuffed Chicken

Stay Feisty!



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