Hearty Vegan Lasagna 

This is pure yum! I mean pure..absolute yum!

I’ve been in Atlanta for the past week. Just hanging with my girlfriends..

Actually, I was there for an amazing SURPRISE PARTY that my friend Chels and I threw our cousin/bestie! (My cousin, her bestie…well my bestie too!) 😁

It was amazing I’ll have to make a post about it later…I just have to share this yummy recipe first.

So before I left, Jai asked if I could make her some vegan lasagna (as seen on Heather Lindsey’s Instagram page) for her to eat for the week; while I was gone.

(Mean while I’m on a delayed flight 😩) 


Mind you I’ll be back the following week, but that’s neither here nor there.

Of course, I said…”YEAH”.

I’m always down to cook for my friends, especially when they front  the bill for the groceries…… & Most Definitely when it’s VEGAN!! 😍

I believe I was more excited then she was….but hey, that’s expected when my friends want to try new things…

When noodles are cooked, rinse and shock in cold water to prevent sticking and cease continued cooking

…Like when the three of us went to this yummy little Vegan Soul Food Restaurant a few days ago called Soul Vegetarian No. 2 located on North Highland Ave NE (in Atlanta, Georgia) soooooo YUMMY!! You have to go the next time you’re in ATLANTA. Get the BBQ Kalebone with Sweet Potatoes and Vegan Mac & Cheese! YUM! 

Let’s get back on track…

I just get so HAPPY when my friends and family enjoy vegan food. It just warms my heart & soul.  😊

So anyway.. 

We went to the local market and grocery store to get the things I needed to make this magical dish. (Ugh..my mouth is just watering thinking of it…wish I could’ve smuggled some on the plane)

We got back to Jai’s apartment and the first thing I started on was the tomato sauce..

This tomato sauce is EVERYTHING!

YES! I make my own tomato sauce. It’s the only way to avoid unwanted preservatives and chemicals that canned/jarred tomato sauce contains. 

You can find the recipe here.

Chels and Jai were in the living room watching this hilarious, yet very insightful movie called “DOPE” while I was in the kitchen preparing the tomato sauce for the lasagna.

Then the preparation for the lasagna started..

..by this time it’s late and I’m distracted by the hilariousness of the movie 😂

(It’s late because ..we were running errands all day and our trip to the park turned into me making vegan lasagna.) *shrugs*

But I’m having fun regardless of my sleepiness. Jai didn’t plan on eating it that night anyway..she wanted it for the next night. SMH.

So I made it!!

SideNote: do not be freaked out by vegan cheese, it doesn’t melt like the cheese we are used to..but it is just as good!

I can’t wait until she try’s it! I’m sure she’ll leave her review below.

I’m excited for her feedback and all of you all’s as well!


Vegan Lasagna

Vegan Lasagna

Stay Feisty!


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