Truffle Tomato Sauce

This is not your mommas or your grand mommas tomato sauce…

This is the tomato sauce you have been looking for all your life!

YEAH .. I said it!

(Please tell the matriarchs of your family — no disrespect, I clearly got beside myself) 👀

But they have to admit…

This is some pretty beasty tomato sauce .. Just saying 😇

If you don’t like this sauce…and you live in H-town or ATL, then you will get a FREE snack down for the week from me. 

Go ahead…

Try it!

This sauce is 100% vegan!

SideNote: store in canning jars for extended or make ahead use! You’ll love the “stay fresh” taste!
Give it a shot.


Truffle Tomato Sauce

Truffle Tomato Sauce

Stay Feisty!


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