Tea: The Good! The Great! The Beauty!

It’s National Tea Day!! I love tea! So it’s only right that I love this day. We all know that tea is a very versatile and popular beverage. Whether you like is traditionally hot with cream and honey, like the English; or iced with lemon. Everyone drinks it! If you don’t here are a few reasons why you should.


Health Benefits of Tea

  1. Packed with Antioxidants
  2. Less Caffeine than Coffee
  3. Reduces Risks of Heart Attacks and Strokes
  4. Helps with Weight Loss
  5. Protects the Bones
  6. Decreases Tooth Loss
  7. Boosts Immune System
  8. Possibly Helps Battle Cancer
  9. Soothes the Digestive System
  10. No Added Calories-Great Water-Intake Option

*For more information, visit here for detailed descriptions. 


Still not convincing you?

Well if you don’t care about your health…which is absurd by the way. How about the history?

Tea originated in China, which essentially became one of the “seven necessities of life.” In the 17th century, tea was brought the Europe by Portuguese traders. Tea made its way to Russia when Ambassador Vasily Starkou gave Tsar Michael I a pound of tea from China as a gift, in 1638. By 1679, an agreement was signed by Russia with China to supply their tea. The duration to transport tea from Beijing to Moscow would take a year to complete.


How did tea get introduced to the British? You have the wife of King Charles II to thank for that. Catherine Braganza, who was Portuguese, introduced tea as a fashionable breakfast drink in 1662. The tea quickly became more popular with the upper classes. By the time the 1840s rolled around the Duchess of Bedford made the tradition of drinking afternoon tea more popular.

Teas’ intro to the U.S. was like every thing else that was introduced to America. When the settlers of Great Britain came to America, so did the their customs and merchandise. Of course, there was the little hiccup with the Boston Tea Party, later down road in the 1770s. Oops! However, tea has made its way back into Americas’ favor. Being found in 80% of households today.


Tea is now enjoyed in a multitude of ways. Iced tea, herbal infusions, exotic fruit blends, etc. We can’t forget the ever so popular black and green teas. Tea has such a rich history, it’s no surprise that we love this delicious and refreshing drink today.

Still not good enough?

How about the different ways you can drink tea? It’s so versatile is scary.

Whether you enjoy a dark and robust black tea, a crisp and light green tea, or a cute and trendy infused tea. There’s something for everyone.


My Top 5 Favorites

  1. Earl Gray with a splash of almond milk and honey
  2. Green Tea with a lemon or orange slices
  3. Teavana Blueberry Bliss 
  4. Ginger Tea with lime and agave nectar
  5. Chocolate Chai Tea

I hope y’all can enjoy this amazing beverage as much I do. Happy National Tea Day!


Stay Calm. Stay Relaxed. Stay Feisty!


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