Snickers’ Ice Cream Malt

((SORRY šŸ˜©))

….Not for the laziness of the Tuesday Tea Time posts…but for your current addiction that you are about to face…


The beauty about me being lazy, means I’ve been piling up the recipes to post for y’all. Aaahhhh yeah

Well maybe I haven’t been too lazy, I did go shopping recently, and if you know me..I’m slightly frugal with my funds. I don’t like to spend my money on something unless I need it. But for some reason whenever I step foot into a mall, I tend to lose self control. Which is why I try to avoid them as much as possible! Nonetheless, I went to the mall this time. I needed some sandals, so I had a pep talk with myself…


“Mica! You only need ONE pair of sandals. Try to get a pair that you could wear with everything.”

Of course, as soon as I pulled into the parking lot..I had already changed my mind.. I hadn’t even walked in the mall yet, and I’ve already talked myself into getting TWO pairs. So I tell myself..

“Okay! Fine! You can get more than one pair of sandals, but that’s it. Get a black pair and a brown/nude pair. And that’s it!”

Cool! I got this! I can do that.


I got into the mall and immediately starting thinking about the Spring/Summer clothes that I don’t have..and would most likely need. LIES!

I went into Forever 21… Thinking to myself… These are cheap clothing..

“I’m sure I can find some cute little $20 sandals and call it a day.”

However, the thing about cheap stores…you tend to tell yourself, a few extra things won’t hurt…it’s all under $30.. (What harm could it do?)



The bad thing about cheap stores you tend to pile up the items..not realizing that when you get to the checkout counter this stuff actually adds up.

So here I am like…

“ooo a dress here…”

“a couple of pants there..”

“oh yea my black sandals..these are cute!”


I checkout thinking to myself how in the heaven did I just spend this much money in this cheap store?!! ((šŸ˜©šŸ˜© ahhhhh))

Then I realize I only got one pair of sandals…so what did I do??

Go into another store…my absolute fav. of course..


“Mica! You’re only going to get a pair of nude sandals. That’s it!”

However, I saw AAALLLLL these amazing Spring/Summer just couldn’t resist.

Sobered I am with pants here…

A top there…

Oh hey…sandals!”

This makes know since! Mica get your behind out of this mall right now!

Walk out and and don’t look back!


So that’s what I did. The sad part about this is that the only reason I left is because I had to get my son from school. If I didn’t have to get him…I would have probably still been in the mall.

Of course with an unplanned shopping spree…comes buyers remorse.

Not enough remorse to make you returns trying, but enough to make you fuss at yourself; and say for it to never happen again. (When it will.) *shrugs*

So what do we women do to pick ourselves up…


Now for me…Rootbeer Floats are my thing..

And Snickers!!!!

So I decided the only way I would feel better about my uncontrollable spending would be to combine the two. DUH!

So I sipped  my sorrows through a straw where they danced on my taste buds..and entered my happy place.. *sighs of relief*



Stay Feisty!


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