Honey Sriracha Cauliflower

As I’m sitting in class extremely BORED… Yes! I am back in school, this time for my Nutrition Degree with a minor in Journalism. I have big plans for my future…within God’s will, of course. Anyways, the only thing I can think about in class is my snack.. and how its seven minutes from my snack alarm going off on my phone. Yes..I have a set schedule for when I eat and drink water…so please believe I follow it diligently.

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The bad thing about it, is when you’re bored sitting there looking at the minutes on the clock count down slowly.. 7 minutes…

6.5 minutes…

6.25 minutes…

Like come on!!

Well..while I wait in my anguish..I decided to at least just talk about it with all of you. Hopefully, someone out there is sitting some where hungry, and just waiting for their lunch break.

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This reminds me of all the times I couldn’t eat waiting on the doctors to prick and probe at me, the only thing I would think about once again…is when I could eat. Why can’t this stupid surgery be over with..or that this chemotherapy just be done…ALL I WANT TO DO IS EAT!

Can y’all tell I absolutely love FOOD?! Like in all forms..it gets that serious.

buffalo_cauliflower honey_sriracha healthy_snacks lunch_ideas healthy_options-2

My favorite form lately..of course is in the healthy form. This super addicting and delectable snack will definitely have you craving more. The lightness of this treat paired with the explosive flavors.. is all too good to be true. But it is. So very true.

Just try it for yourself. It’s my snack time. Catch you all later.


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Stay Feisty!






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