Lobster Corndogs

Happy Sunday Everyone! I say happy Sunday…because Sunday means Sunday dinner in my house. The house is filled with the loving aroma of food. Can’t you just smell it?

Lobster corndogs_no casing sausage_shrimp_lobster_sausage

Of course, Sunday dinner in the Feisty home..isn’t what you think. It isn’t cornbread and collard greens…all the time. Its the day I get to experiment and create recipes. Which eventually turns into an all day thing, then leaves us with a house full food.

Lobster corndogs_no casing sausage_shrimp_lobster_sausage-1

The thing I love most about Sundays… is when we all sit in the family room and watch reruns of the Steve Harvey show.. (i.e. something I’m doing as we speak)

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It’s just that genuine family time. That really gets me. Now this recipe has nothing to do with the Sunday dinner I grew up with…well except maybe the cornmeal part..but thats about it. LOL I grew up with cornbread, collard greens, smothered chicken or pork chops, etc. Anything fattening that could possibly cause high blood pressure, was apart of Sunday dinner. Sometimes we had crawfish étouffée or shrimp creole, you name it. It was all just soo good. However I didn’t have a taste for the ever so popular soulfood…I wanted something a little less…umm…heavy and something more simple.

Lobster Sausage_No Casing

I was just really craving corndogs today, but I refused to eat a frozen corndog. I needed one that would fit my diet. So I decided to make one with seafood, but I didn’t want to just make lobster on a stick and fry it. No! I wanted to make lobster sausage, but I didn’t want to make it in a sausage casing…which is made out of pork intestine by the way….Sooo that was out  of the question… But how was I going to make sausage without casing? Easy! Probably the easiest sausage method ever.

Now the fun part, the corndogs!

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You’ve already done the hard work if your sausage is already made. Now it just time to stick, dip, dunk, eat. You won’t be disappointed with these yummy delights.

Lobster Corndogs

Stay Feisty!



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