Pistachio Crusted Halibut

I haven’t really posted any healthy recipes..although I eat relatively healthy. My best friend Jai (jaidotfoot.com) told me..and I quote…  “[You] trying to kill your [blog] followers with your unhealthiest recipes.”

pistachio_crusted_halibut orange_glaze creole_mustard honey_mustard

In my defense, I have a view healthy recipes on here, but I guess not enough. I’m a pescatarian so most of the healthy recipes you’ll see me post are mostly seafood or vegetarian..I rarely cook chicken. If I do, I was being lazy. As you saw yesterday, Bear ate a glorious meatloaf for dinner and though it was extremely tasty. I enjoyed this amazing sweet, yet savory halibut, instead. Why not stick to the sweet and savory theme, right?

pistachio_crusted_halibut orange_glaze creole_mustard honey_mustard-1

I absolutely love brussels sprouts and carrots, I would probably eat them with everything. Sweet carrots with savory brussels sprouts. Yum! Perfect accompaniment for my sweet, savory, crunchy fish….OMGoodness!

I mentioned I’m a pescatarian….lets not assume I’ve been on a sea based diet for years. WRONG! It hasn’t even been a year yet. I’m just very set on my goal. I have a lot more energy and focus, after removing dairy and meat (i.e. chicken, beef, turkey, pork, etc) from my diet. My digestion has improved and I’m even down a few inches in the waste (no complaints there).  

pistachio_crusted_halibut orange_glaze creole_mustard honey_mustard-2

Did I mention how proud I am about myself, when I go a week without accidentally tasting something that isn’t apart of my new diet? Oh, it happens sometimes. I grab a piece of bacon then spit it out, when I realize I’m eating freaking bacon! Or when I put cheese on my baked potato, then have to make a whole new one.

pistachio_crusted_halibut orange_glaze creole_mustard honey_mustard-3

Mistakes happen! but you have to remember to hold yourself accountable, and find better ways to prevent them from happening again. So I have a reminder set on my phone when to eat. When I am hungry I make sure I have healthy choices readily available over unhealthy choices. This way I can stick to my plans. Eventually, I plan to go full vegan…but it’ll be a while before I get there. As of now.. pescatarian will do.

I hope you all enjoy this yummy, yet healthy dinner alternative.


pistachio_crusted_halibut orange_glaze creole_mustard honey_mustard-4

Stay Feisty!


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