Momma’s Sweet & Spicy Meatloaf

The day I have been dreading as a fiancé has come…Ladies I’m sure you have all been there with the man in your life. I asked Bear what he wanted for dinner.. which I rarely do.. and he responds “MEATLOAF…” I’m thinking to myself fair enough..thats pretty simple. Then he adds “ my mom makes.” *mouth drops*

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As if, my meatloaf isn’t just as good. He hasn’t even tried it and he wants his mommas’! Great! How in heavens am I supposed to make his moms’ meatloaf? I refuse to call her and ask for a recipe. I can cook just fine without her help. I did not want to listen to her smart comments about how I went to school for culinary and still can’t cook as good as her…oh please. Spare me the headache. However, we do have a relatively great relationship, we just tend to bump heads (in a friendly manner) about who cooks the best. And I really didn’t feel like going toe to toe with her at that moment..I was already upset that Bear wanted me to cook “like his mother!” UGH!!

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I couldn’t even remember the last time I had her meatloaf, any meatloaf of that matter. So I started trying to pull my taste bud memories from the back of my head.

I remember..sweet, savory, rich, acidy goodness. So now all I had to do was emulate all those flavors into meat..How hard could this be? Besides I’m already a great cook. I went to the grocery store got everything I needed, and went to town on that meatloaf like no tomorrow.

It was only natural that I tweaked the recipe a bit, I mean I was the one cooking it was going to be my recipe. I refuse to let her take credit for something, when she wasn’t even present.

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I made the meatloaf with a sweet and spicy tomato topping and his favorite whipped mashed potatoes (my recipe) and fresh green beans, of course.

Needless to say, I rocked the meatloaf, and Bear even opted for seconds. Oh Yeah! I can’t wait until he mentions it when we have Dinner with Momma on Sunday. We’ll see how are toe-to-toe ritual goes this time.



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Stay Feisty!




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