Southern Bread Pudding

Y’all remember those buttermilk biscuits I made a couple of weeks ago…Then we jazzed them up with the crawfish gravy..oooohhhhh yeeaaahh..

leftover_buttermilk_biscuit_ideas bread_pudding_candied pecans-1

Well if you made too many..or just have some leftover… Here’s a good way to make them disappear fast. I have a few in the freezer simply because I knew I wouldn’t want to freeze the dough just to have to wait for it to thaw out if I was in the mood for some biscuits. I’ll just make more dough when I have a taste for more biscuits..DUH!

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I grew up on bread pudding, it was at every function; and we ate it on every Holiday. My aunt, who we call “Auntie,” isn’t that obvious. HA!

Anyway, she has pretty much perfect the art of making bread pudding. She makes it every single time we have a gathering, even though my mother hates when she makes it with raisins (although its traditionally made with raisins). She complains about it every time, but still can’t resist to from having a piece..or two. She always picks the raisins out f the second helping though. Such a shame.

leftover_buttermilk_biscuit_ideas bread_pudding_candied pecans-6

Recently, we haven’t had bread pudding as much, and you start to miss the basic…the classic..the meals that feel like home.

My buttermilk biscuits reminded me of the time spent with my Grandma Tat, and then I started to reminisce about the time with my family in general. and of course, with that comes my need to cook something… Isn’t that weird?.. That my family makes me think of food?? Of course, it isn’t weird! There is true love in a meal that fuels you when your parents feed you. In addition, we all know the heart of the home is in the kitchen.

leftover_buttermilk_biscuit_ideas bread_pudding_candied pecans-3

Back to the bread could I not be inspired to make bread pudding with this glorious biscuits. A dash of Grandma Tat and a splash of Auntie all together in one lovely, southern favorite.


leftover_buttermilk_biscuit_ideas bread_pudding_candied pecans-4

Stay Feisty!




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