Sangria Hot Toddy

Everyone who knows me.. KNOWS I absolutely love a good Hot Toddy.


I visited New York back in October with my best friend.. just as a “lets do something” type of adventure. It was the most random and fun thing I’ve probably ever done. We stayed at the cutest town home, which the bestie found via Air BnB, with the sweetest hostess ever (wish I could remember her name..OMG I feel so bad).

We pretty much wanted to experience the entire New York experience!

From expressing dramatic fashion choices to..

..riding the subway all the way to manhattan.

sangria_hot_toddy -6

We had a blast! Everyday was a bit of an adventure, we searched for most popular dining spots and of course went shopping in Times Square. ((I mean..really…who doesn’t?))

Anyways, one Saturday morning, we wanted to eat brunch, but not just any brunch, brunch at a true New York establishment. We stumbled across Cafe Ghia, this quaint little hole in the wall; probably seating about 50 people max. But everything about it oozed New York. It’s cute, yet industrial, with a “don’t look at me” feel to it. Perfection.

We go up to the hostess to get a table..of course there’s a wait. No biggie. I give her my name, where she mistook Mica for Minga, oh well…  I’ll roll with it.

Its a pretty cute alias, anyway.

Jai ((the bestie)) ordered the Lumberjack Stack which she devoured in 2.5 seconds… I could be exaggerating.. OR NOT she eats like she’s in the military sometimes LOL. (Don’t kill me Jai!)

I ordered the Potato Bowl, which had everything you could possibly imagine eating for breakfast.  Lets not even get on the tomato chutney and fresh jalapeños…OH-EM-GEE the best combo ever!! The spicy jalapeños with the sweet and tart tomato chutney…the BEST!

I also had the most AMAZING hot toddy I’d ever had in my life. Is was served to me in a mason jar.. winning already… this country girl loves herself some mason jars.

Jameson, water, and a lemon…and a  few other things I can not mention.. [in my Rihanna voice]

Ghia’s Hot Toddy was the absolute best!!

sangria_hot_toddy -5So of course, this crazy cold weather has me craving my go-to cocktail.

However, since I’m obviously not in New York. I clearly can’t have Ghia’s Hot Toddy, so I decided to make my own.

Uh-Oh…dilemma… I don’t have any Jameson, or any bourbon for that matter. All I see is wine..nothing but wine.

What the heck am I supposed to do with all this damn wine? UGH!

Then it hits me…I could just make sangria.. I have plenty of fruit. Oh.. but I wanted something hot to drink..dammit. Oooo… I could just put the fruit in some tea..

*GASPS* I could make a Sangria Hot Toddy!! Yes!

Sangria Hot Toddy

sangria_hot_toddy -7

Stay Feisty!


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