Don’t Get Pinched! Party

Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone!! We all know the rule, if you don’t wear green; you’ll get pinched! Ouch!

Bison_Burg Malt_Truffle_Chips-1

Luckily, I have some wonderful, festive goodies that’ll have your friends hands (and mouths) too full to even fathom pinching you..

St. Patricks day is all about the color green, and beer (plus other beverages that have everything to do with alcohol)… some other things; and of course, potato inspired treats.

So I’m giving you a mixture of all of those things. From stuffed bison burgers to margarita popsicles. mm mmm mm… I challenge you to prepare this awesome spread for your St. Patty’s Day party, or just a simple game night. Either way.. you will rock the freaking house, forcing all of your friends to present you with the crown.

Bison_Burg Malt_Truffle_Chips-2

Our St. Patricks Day usually consists of us waiting for the appropriate time to pinch one another, and to also see who can chug the most beers… but, hey, doesn’t everyone do that? However, this year I wanted to actually have a game night with our closest friends, and just enjoy good food and good company. No need on decorating the house, the food is festive enough. Trust me!

Bison_Burg Malt_Truffle_Chips-3

I sent Bear to the store for the goods.. (GROWN UP JUICE!!) while I prepared the food. First up, the Green Chile Mac and Cheese, I mean come on….it pretty much speaks for it’s self right?


what if you stuffed it inside of a Bison Burger?? Oh, this is no joke..

Green Chile Mac Stuffed Bison Burger.. this should be like the name of a planet or something…

Bison_Burg Malt_Truffle_Chips

A planet that I could live on, and when I eat, the planet could just regenerate its self. OH-EM-GEE give me my own Green Chile Bison Burger Goodness Planet please!!

Green Chile Stffd Bison_Burg Malt_Truffle_Hm_Made Potato Chips

It doesn’t stop there!!!

We clearly need something to eat the burgers with.. How about some Truffle Salt & Malt Vinegar Potato Chips…. say whaattt???

Why, yes!

Green Chile Stffd Bison_Burg Malt_Truffle_Hm_Made Potato Chips-4

Pure tangy, potato-ey, goodness! Come through Truffle Salt! These will be served with Candied Jalapeños, just to had another level of flavor to the chips!

I’m telling you, you will conquer the party with these goodies!

Dress up the burgers with sliced tomato, pepper jack cheese, and arugula. Serve with potato chips and a couple of green bears..YUM!

Green Chile Stffd Bison_Burg Malt_Truffle_Hm_Made Potato Chips-1

Guess What??!!


That isn’t all of it.. Treat your guests to this refreshing pop-tails and you’ll surely have them speechless. .. well except for the ones who talk with there mouths open.

To top off the evening..

Serve these Jalapeño Melon Margarita Popsicles!! oooohhhhyyyeeeaaa!

Green Chile Mac_Cheese


Homemade Truffle_Salt Potato Chips



Stuffed Bison Burgers


Bison_Burg Malt_Truffle_Chips-4

Stay Feisty & Don’t Get Pinched!


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