Salted Nutella Hot Chocolate Latte

It’s Tuesday!!! And I would like to start having Tuesday Tea Time with all of you. Tuesday Tea Time will consist of y’all just really getting to know me as a person. As well as, insight on certain situations that could or may be relatable to something you all may or may not be going through….

..and of course new yummy beverage recipes that you all wouldn’t want to miss. They would be the perfect compliment to our little tea time chats.

nutella latte salted hot chocolate

I want to talk about my wedding planning process, I haven’t really talked about it in full. Simply because I have yet to accomplish much, which is pretty stressful since the wedding is 9 months away. I’ve secured a venue, simply because of the convenience of it being 15 mins from our church, and the cheap deal. However, now I’m having doubts about the place and I’m not sure if I want to even have my reception there anymore.

So I decided to fast just to get some clarity and relief from God, but I failed at actually committing to the fast. Feeling completely horrible about letting God down, (((THIS WAS LIKE THE END OF THE WORLD))) I just knew He wouldn’t answer my prayers, or even give me answers.

My thoughts consisted of…

Did I jump the gun with booking that venue too soon? Why do I even want to have this big wedding? Is it for me or for everyone else? Why do I care so much about what other people think and what they are doing?

nutella latte salted hot chocolate-3

I remember those “when I get married…” conversations I would have with family and friends when I was younger. The  only thing I wanted was…

My Dress…and My Man!!

I didn’t care about anything else. ((WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT GIRL?!))

So why do I care so much now? What has changed? I have less friends now, then I did back then… I’m more conservative with my money than I was back then… and I still don’t like being the center of attention…

So why in the heck do I want to spend all this money to be around all these people?

For show? To save face? To seem important?

I realized I  was doing all of this hoping and praying about a dream wedding than I planned as soon as I got the ring on my finger. But we have to remember, we don’t make our plans..God makes our plans!

I was ignoring all of the signs, God has my wedding day planned out..

..and it consists of Bear and I getting married in the church before His presence, with our close family and friends.. It’s crazy because I got this answer from God through my fiance when he told me “I’m not marrying you, if we don’t get married in the church”… “OH, *smiles a little inside* Okay Poppa Bear!” 🙂

Okay God! I hear you!

nutella latte salted hot chocolate-1

Another answer, our pastor will be on vacation the week of our wedding. Meaning we won’t even be able to have our ceremony at our church. So I clearly don’t need the venue now, and there goes $850 down the drain. I clearly jumped the gun!

Why God?! I wish I would have listened to you before the deposit. Geesh!

This wedding is about me and my Bear. As long as he and I are standing together before God, I don’t need anything else. … except for my dress, of course! (please)

While I was reading my bible, wanting to confirm the answers I’d just received. I was enjoying this wonderful Hot Chocolate Latte, and it continued to warm my soul and assist in melting away the stress of this whole situation.

Rich, creamy, and full of chocolate this latte is sure to melt away any bad day you may have had or could possibly be having at this moment.

I’ve finally entered a place of peace. A place of calm. Which has opened up my eyes even more, I was ready to give up because I felt like I let God down, and He was upset with me.. However, I don’t know about you, but my God is a forgiving God. He already knew what I was going to do before I did it, and He already FORGAVE ME FOR IT!

This may not be much of a dilemma to some of you, but it was heavy on my heart. Hopefully, there is a soon-to-be bride that will stumble across this one day, who is going through the same thing.

Recipe adapted from The Faux Martha 

This moment of transparency was inspired by Jai DOT Foot [i.e. my Best Friend!!] (The links provided gave me insight to this situation and so many others)


nutella latte salted hot chocolate-1

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