Blueberry Apple Cobbler

blueberry-apple-cobbler national-pie-day

In honor of National Pie Day ((although this post is a little late)) I decided to make the CUTEST mini cobblers ever. I love blueberries and he loves anything with a butter crust. Absolute win, right?

Of course it is.

We all know I’m new to this whole blogging thing… Sooooo I didn’t get the urge to post for National Pie Day until after I cooked dinner and was trying to figure out what to eat to dessert…

Pie!! Duh.. you ding bat!

blueberry-apple-cobbler national-pie-day-2

So I pretty much just raided the fridge to see what I had to make a pie…I mean its a freaking pie!

I found blueberries, which I was stoked about, because I thought I had eaten all of my blueberries, and I wanted something to hold up really well with the blueberries, just to add texture…sooo Apples it is! I have plenty, they won’t be missed!

As I started to actually cook up an idea for the pies…cobblers..pure deliciousness..whatever you want to call it..

blueberry-apple-cobbler national-pie-day-3

I realized I don’t really care for pie..unless..

it’s rich, buttery, juicy, and sealed with a flaky, buttery crust… BUT WHO WOULDN’T LOVE SUCH A LUXURIOUS THING?!

These cobblers remind me of my relationship with Bear..

..sweet with a slight hint of tartness with lots of layers of love and different textures (feelings) The thought of that comparison just took me to a happy place  *sighs*

I hope you all enjoy this recipe as much as we did. It’s the epitome of a balanced dessert.

blueberry-apple-cobbler national-pie-day-4

Want to really indulge, serve it hot with cooling ice cream and bask in the pure ambiance of dessert bliss.

**The Pie Crust recipe could be found here!**


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Stay Feisty!


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