Shrimp Burgers w/ Garlic Butter Aioli

shrp - burger - garlic - aioli

You ever stare out the window and just day dream about your happy place .. I believe we’ve all been there. Often times we get to a certain place in our lives that we’ve been sooo eager to get to, just to sit stagnant and dream about the next step, not even realizing that we’ve walked over 3 steps that were clearly right in front of us.

I’ve been through many chapters in my life, some I’ve skimmed over a few more times than I should. But thats life….it definitely happens. We try to relive our past, just to have a different outcome, but news flash!!… You cant redo the past, no matter how many times you try.

shrp - burger - garlic - aioli-1When I was unhappy, or simple just dead to what was going on around me. I would daze off and before I knew it I was staring out of the window…

…..swimming in my happy place.

I don’t know about y’all, but my happy place is food, always has been. More specifically.. any thing out of the ocean that was covered in butter and creole seasoning. What can I say…I’m a southern feisty belle. Spicy boiled shrimp with garlic butter will always be my happy place, it reminds me of home, my mother, my late grandmother…it triggers precious memories. It does all of that for me.

shrp - burger - garlic - aioli-3

Sweet succulent shrimp with spices that’ll kick you right in the face soothed by savory garlic butter…oh yea..

I have plenty of memories that description fits perfectly. Like the time I… umm..on second thought..nevermind. 

We all know I was a hot head, thats no secret…lets just leave it at that.

However, if it weren’t for those moments, I wouldn’t have so many great memories. I wouldn’t have been able to spend time with my brother during visiting hours when he was in the hospital had I not been suspended from school. He and I talked about everything, we played video games, and he gave me that much needed big brother advice about right and wrong. Also, seeing him in the hospital was a reminder that if I kept making hot headed decisions, someone could seek vengeance on me and I could end up in the hospital just where he was or worse.

shrp - burger - garlic - aioli-7So I’m thankful for every step I’ve taken in my life. I appreciate each path that I’ve been directed toward, and look forward to many steps I have left to take. It’s only a matter time that we’ll all some day be swimming in our happy place.

As of right now….

I’m basking in mine.

I hope this yummy recipe, sends you to your happy place.

Shrimp Burgers

**I topped the burgers with bacon and fried jalapeños. You can do the same if you like, or be a good ‘OL NON-TEXAN and keep it as is**

shrp - burger - garlic - aioli-6





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