Crab Stuffed Baked Potato

Hey Hey Feisty Friends! I apologize for the extended delay of recipe posts. It has been an extremely crazy and emotional week for myself and my future in-laws.


This past week was about being a supportive fiance to my Bear during his time of mourning for his grandmother. I know…no one wants to hear about death or anything that compels you to feel sorry for someone. I’m not here for pity or anything like that, but this blog is about sharing life experiences and the things that inspire me as an individual.

As I was there with Bear, I couldn’t help but think about how I felt when my own grandmother passed. Everyone who is extremely close to me knows how close I was to my grandmother and how her passing affected me. So I already knew how Bear felt, just watching their relationship over the years (and even the relationship I had with her); it was a sensitive time.

One thing we both have in common with our grandmothers is the love of food and cooking, I grew up with everyone coming to my mau-maus’ home to eat every week. I remember her cooking for the church, and baking cakes for all of the special occasions in the town. Bears’ granny was the same way. She cooked dinner every Sunday and everyone would be there to eat and to spend time with close friends and family.


In my grandmothers home seafood as a big thing being from Louisiana, and Bears’ granny believed in good ol’ soul food. One thing we had in common growing up GOOD HOME COOKING. No matter the difference.

Crab played a big part in our lives growing up, I ate seafood like it was going out of style. Bear would go crabbing when he was younger when the season was right.

Hence the inspiration of this yummy crab stuffed baked potato. Bear LOVES baked potatoes, and we both love crab.  So there’s the inspiration behind these crab filled goodies.

Thank me later for this extremely easy recipe!




Stay Feisty!




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