Old Fashion Cocktail Brownies

You know what…

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There are some mornings you wake up craving CHOCOLATE, then at time you just need a stiff drink… we all love a boozy treat. So why not marry two of the most popular things in the w o r l d. (well in my world at least, aside from my son…oh and my fian….well…….  yea my fiancé)

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These boozy goodies remind me of when my fiancé (well.. Bear because he’s my cuddly little  chubby raggamuffin)  and I were on one of our many dates…yea…we went on A L O T of dates. *smiles across the board** Bear and I went on a date to Pappadeaux.. EVERYONE IN TEXAS OR WHO HAS BEEN TO TEXAS KNOWS PAPPADEAUX!

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Anyways, we were at Pappadeaux, his job at the time by the way. Some girl walks right up to the table and asks “Is this your girlfriend?”

Excuse me?? How rude was that!

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Mind you we haven’t even established the status of our relationship at the time, we were just dating still getting to know each other…

but that was drawing the line, there was no way in the world I was going to let him say no (although it would have been the truth) and she try to talk to him right in front of me.

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What did I do? I said “YES, I am his girlfriend!” He just looked at me and smiled, and thats when I knew….he was mine. *jumps up and down like a giddy schoolgirl*

It was a pretty flawless date, we just talked and ate sooooo good. And of course, dessert comes, that wonderful, delectable, sinful fudge brownies gets places in front of me…..and for a moment, I’m in heaven.

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It was so rich, so moist, so……… Y U M M Y!

All we needed was a glass of milk, believe it or not, I literally asked for a glass of milk.

The funny apart about all of this, neither one of us drank alcohol at the time. I remember looking over at the table next to us, the married couple there was throwing ’em back, left and right, just having a good time with each other. I was thinking….I definitely want that to be me and my husband one day.

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I bet y’all can guess the cocktail of their choice…you guessed it…

Old Fashion Cocktails with a cherry and a squeeze of orange.

That’s where the inspiration came from. Of course.

Bear and I were so into the “idea” of that being us one day. Who knew it actually would be us??!!

boozy brownies-old-fashion-infused-10

When I made these brownies, his first thought was… “Hmmm these are pretty good babe. What made you add the orange?”

Really? No memory recollect what so ever…

Mission Unaccomplished.

I hope you all enjoy these rich and orange filled brownies as much as we did.

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Stay Feisty!


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