Fried Peach Pies with Salted Caramel

These pies are the epitome of Southern Bliss…..DEEP FRIED SOUTHERN BLISS.. that is.


A lot like me, these pies are full of southern influence. The sweet peaches and the buttery flaky crust are a reminder of where I come from, and who I am to this day. See the sweet potato fries from last week were about my unruly and feisty mentality as an adolescent. These pies are about a part of me today.


Although, I am still that rather feisty young lady….I’m still a young lady….a southern feisty lady. I’m only feisty in the kitchen these days, I carry myself the way I was raised and grew up in Louisiana.



By southern feisty lady, I don’t mean I’m sitting around in a lace dress with a big hat, and a cup of tea. (although I do enjoy tea…..A LOT…mmm Earl Gray with milk & honey, can’t you just taste it?..yum) OH..back to what I was saying…


Anyways, by southern feisty lady I mean I will forever cook from scratch, spend time with my family, walk outside barefoot, speak with a Louisiana accent when I’m tired or angry, and refrain from cussing……in public.



…oh yeah…and deep-fry almost everything!


The thing I love most about this recipe…. IT’S DEEP FRIED!



OH…and the fact that I think of my family when I look at it….sometimes…



I think about the times my momma and her twin, my auntie, would argue over who made the best peach cobbler. Then they would get mad at each other if one brought a cobbler to a function without consulting the other first.



….This clearly has to happen in every family in some form or another… ((please say it does, that way don’t look completely nuts))

They still argue over who cooks what the best. It just isn’t over the peach cobbler anymore… I pretty much take the cake in that category. I may have even set the bar a little higher with these fried pies now.


LOL… Look out mom! I’m coming for you.

I’m sure she’s reading this and rolling her eyes right now… I LOVE YOU MOM!.. [you have to say those kinds of things to moms..they feel special or something]


That gets me to my next point…the BOURBON. The bourbon in this boozy yummy is for my mom. She’s not a big drinker, but I know the half of the cocktail she did drink was because of us…LOL…

(she could never get through more than half without falling asleep…L M B O)

But, in all seriousness….. I wouldn’t be the chef I am today without the influences of my family..

So I hope you all enjoy this recipe…

Pie Dough

Peach Bourbon Filling

Salted Caramel


Stay Feisty!








  1. ShaMarian Robinson

    I got to taste this straight from the Fiesty Chef herself!! When I tell you it was FULL of flavor!! I’m mad I didn’t take one to go. I’m not even a pie person but leave it to Fiesty to me make a believer. From start to finish it was great. I encourage you to try this for yourself and I know you won’t be disappointed if you use her recipe!!

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