Chile Lime Sweet Potato Fries

I used to be the antisocial type back in school, I’m literally just now becoming more social and open with people. I was the girl with a subtle sweetness to her but a feisty attitude, if rubbed the wrong. Hence the name, One Feisty Chef. Oh yeah, the feisty is still there, its just managed a little better. When I was younger, you wouldn’t believe how short tempered I was….well…..maybe you could. *shrugs*


I would be so quite. I didn’t want any type of relationship with anyone. I would just go class to class without even stopping in the hallways. Unless…

Someone tried to test me.

We all know how high school could be, the weak were picked out like prey.  For some reason, I was looked at as “the girl who wouldn’t do anything.” Until one day…


Lets just say..the sweet and quite Mica everyone was used to seeing, had a little extra fire in her that day. Of course when I got home, my mother was the one full of a little extra fire. She was in the kitchen cooking dinner when I got home.. Smoked Chicken, Candied Sweet Potatoes and that damn store bought Key Lime Pie, that she just couldn’t live without for some reason.

Anyways, I knew she already heard about what happened. So I was on pins and needles when I walked through the door. When I stepped into the kitchen I expected her to yell, fuss, maybe even whoop me; but she didn’t. She simple said, “You finally stood up for yourself huh?”


Standing there like a doe eyed deer, I was so confused. I just knew I was surely in trouble, but thats not how the evening went. It was a normal evening, as if nothing had ever happened. Of course, there was nothing but relief on my part. However, I couldn’t help but wonder…..Was it all worth it?….


In my more mature adult days, my answer to that question is “YES!”



Because I would have been picked on and/or bullied all through school. Who knows where that would have gotten me. I definitely wouldn’t be the Feisty chef that I am today. I’m a no nonsense type of person, at the end of the day. I will always embrace others for who they are, but if you try to disrespect me…. well I’ll just have to politely remind you who you’re talking to. Which is why I absolutely love this recipe!

[funny how I just jumped right into it huh?? LOL]


Anyways, this recipe is pretty much inspired by my personality and the emancipation dinner (meaning I became emancipated from my timid shell) my mom prepared that evening.

These sweet potato fries are a part of my personality. From the subtle sweetness of the sweet potatoes, to the slight kick of spice.. and let’s no forget that “zing” from the lime.

Mmm Mmm Yum!


Its pretty much me in a nutshell, well a french fry. Try these yummy delights and I swear you’ll know me so well, we’ll be best friends when your done.

Chile Lime Sweet Potatoes

Stay Feisty Everyone!









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