Before my pescetarian days I was a HUGE bacon fanatic, but lets be serious, who isn’t?? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who would occasionally put crumbled bacon on their pillow just to wake up to the scent of it from time to time. Every one does that right? Of course y’all do!


Which is why I’m sharing this simple, yet awesome recipe with y’all. I hadn’t cooked anything, and a few of my friends were coming over. To avoid the judgment of being in bed all day; which is the only obvious thing to do on a Saturday morning when your sons’ grandparents fight over who gets him for the weekend.


Bacon-Apple-Crepes-Fig-Jam-Pistachios-Bourbon-9I was able to sleep with one leg hanging out the bed and snore like a cow in heat all morning. However, that was interrupted when my girlfriends called to say they were exiting the freeway, which was only 30 mins from my front door. WHY COULDN’T THESE HEIFERS JUST LET ME SLEEP? UGH!


After about 10 mins of calling my [adoring & loving] friends every ungodly name I could think of. I decided to splash some water on my face, pop a mint, and cook something quick. I remember thinking, “Hey! It’s almost noon, I can cook these heifers brunch.”

I go in to the kitchen, to see what ingredients I have to cook that will make this process quick. I was all over the kitchen; talking to myself…

Bacon-Apple-Crepes-Fig-Jam-Pistachios-Bourbon-17“Great! I have stuff for pancakes. Ugh, I don’t want pancakes. …. I can make crepes, I like crepes.”

“I have bacon, YES! I love bacon.”

“Oh apples..hmm I should cook these before they go bad.”


“Ooooo bourbon! OH-EM-GEE, Mica don’t have a drink this early.”

Why not? I declare it is okay to have alcohol as early as you would like……

…through food consumption, of course.


When my little koo-koo moment was over, I decided to get it together and create these yummy crepes that I am sharing with you today.

Hooray, for annoyingly proactive friends! Let’s give them a huge applause.

Bacon Apple Crepes


Stay Feisty!

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